Need a curated cross-ref between ideas and plugin repository

  1. converting2wp


    A lot of these ideas are closed as "plugin territory". However, saying a problem is solved by "numerous plugins" doesn't really help -- especially a few months later when some of the plugins the admin was thinking of are no longer supported.

    I know this whole problem is 1000% times harder than herding cats, but it'd be wonderful if something like the following happened:

    1. Somehow, somewhere create a table that links ideas to plugins.
    (i.e. so someone who finds an idea that matches a problem they are trying to solve can find links to relevant plugins)

    2. Create a similar table for "pluggable" ideas for which no current, up to date plugin exists.
    These could be ideas that are just one offs that haven't been coded yet.
    Allow people to vote for these ideas and provide a "most requested" plugin list that might guide developers.

    3. When an idea is marked as "pluggable", the admin making that decision can either -
    a. Know of specific, up to date plugins that apply -- add those to the list in #1 related to this idea
    b. Just "know" that the idea is a reasonable area for a plugin developer to tackle - and add it to the list in #2

    4. Have some sort of automated system that goes through the plugins in list 1 and moves the related ideas to list 2 when the plugins in question no longer support the current version of WP. Alternatively (or in addition), copy the ideas to the list in #2 in a specially marked category ("there may be a solution - check list 1") when the plugin was last updated long enough ago that WP has undergone some number of upgrades. This would flag plugins that may have been orphaned.

    5. When a plugin is submitted to the repository, include a way for the author to mark which ideas it addresses and update list #1.

    I'm sure there are many difficulties that I'm glossing over -- but my experience in trying to find current plugins for relatively simple (and eminently pluggable) features has been frustrating so I'm dreaming big.

    Thanks all, for the core, the plugins, the themes and the whole ecosystem.

    [Another related idea can be found here:
    http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic/pay-for-plugins-and-themes-extends-downloads-right-from-your-wordpressorg ]

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Papawaya

    You raise some good points and highlight many of the problems that evervone faces and gets frustrated about...

    After thought,...I believe we should maybe move to a yearly fee for access to the plugin repository.... that access fee would provide money to pay for a proper system of cataloging, searching,rating, feedback (Amazon style??) , and updating in various languages, and also provide a better way to show off developers .....it could also be used to commision plugins that were most requested or even give rewards to developers..... of course the fees need to be properly accounted for and there maybe needs to be a team reporting to MM ???

    Plugins are in affect the veins and blood that flow around the WordPress core and I think that paying a membership fee to have access to so many is a bargain in view of the return and the promise of a better system ...

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  3. converting2wp


    While I hear what you're saying, I'm wondering if something under the auspices of the WordPress Foundation might make as much sense. Yes, I, for one, would pay a small fee to have access to the plugin repository, but I'd make a much bigger donation to the WordPress Foundation to support an effort to rationalize the information on plugins vis a vis the user requirements.

    I live in the "nonprofit"/"non-governmental organization" world. I know it's not a solution for everything, but that mindset has been able to help with problems that bear some similarity to this one.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  4. Papawaya

    yes - good point ... I suggested a fee in order to support those doing the work needed which is fair ..if it is a big project to be achieved over a shortish timescale ... what could be an idea is to budget the work and have an "amount needed to be raised" with donations received to meet the target ...

    If a full job specification was drawn up and people knew what was going to be achieved then I think it would get sorted...

    It would be a proper development project that through paying for the developers time would ensure a quicker response and solution ... with extra donations aside for revisions as needed...

    whilst I suspect that for people who have been using WordPress for a number of years already have their own "database" of plugins ....but for new and intermediate level users it can be a problem finding exactly what you want in an efficient manner let alone realise there is something new in your own specific area of work ..

    It is a big duscussion topic

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  5. converting2wp


    Okay, so it's not core.

    So where's the appropriate place to talk about the plugin repository?

    Again, it's a great ecosystem -- but can be maddening.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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