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Multisite centralized management (or statistics at least)

  1. tomas.k.7

    I've been working on Multisite project for last few weeks, and this is what bothers me about way it works:
    1. you cannot make complete "default" settings for new sites...
    2. you cannot change wordpress settings "multisite-wide" (e.g. permalink format, timezone...)
    3. you cannot change plugins settings "multisite-wide" -> it's e.g. very annoying to enter akismet API key for each site individually, or to "enable strict mode" in bad behavior plugin...
    4.you don't have overall summary of comments (waiting for approve/spam/..), posts(concepts/published...) in one page

    It would be very nice to have some interface looking similar to "dashboard" with "for each site in the multisite" effect...

    Thanks for considering this...


    Posted: 1 year ago #
  2. Unsal Korkmaz

    For (1) and (2):
    for changing settings, you can write mu-plugins and use Update Network feature. I suggest you to check wpmu_upgrade_site action.

    For (3):
    You can define in your wp-config.php file:

    For (4):
    All sites are different sites. But i believe you can use plugins like https://managewp.com/

    Posted: 1 year ago #

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