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  1. crosenblum

    I have just finished attending my first WordCamp in Minneapolis, MN 2015.

    I have heard so many talk about the importance of picking vetted plugins and themes. But to most of us, that is unclear what those are.

    Plus as security and performance become more and more important.

    For this reason, I would like to suggest additional 1-5 or 1-10 whichever is the standard ratings to be determined by those who submit reviews of plugins or themes.

    It is not enough anymore to just have 1 rating system, and a few sentences of comments/thoughts/ideas/etc.

    We need clear visual indicators of the quality, performance and security of the each plugin and theme.

    I realize it is impossible at the current time, for the actual reviewers to constantly provide this information, but why not ask it from users who do submit their reviews?

    So here is how I would articulate the form:

    Plugin / Theme Name:
    Version #:
    Overall Rating: 1-5 overall rating
    Quality Rating: 1-5 indicating quality of the plugin or theme in terms of how well it was crafted.
    Security Rating: 1-5 indicating the level of security measures put in place to reduce xss/csrf/sql injection/etc.
    Performance Rating: 1-5 How well is it crafted so as to not incur additional load time through out the site.

    Then textarea with full comments, etc.

    Then let's say for example, the average number of reviews any theme or plugin gets is 100, I don't know what that actually is.

    But if a plugin or theme get's 100 reviews, and the quality or security or performance is below 3 then we start to filter out from any search results in plugin or themes filtering those items, that are just not quality or well done.

    My point is not to attack those who take the time to submit their ideas or solutions to the general community.

    But since the volunteer's are overwhelmed, we might as well take advantage of those who do take the time to review plugins/themes they like or dislike, and use the power of the community to leverage overall improvements of quality.

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  2. Making the form be able to handle on this, on a sane level, while still not overwhelming the people who review, and making the people who love to game the system with fake reviews something the forum mods can handle, is ... well this is a nice pie in the sky idea, but it won't happen any time soon :/

    The more barriers/requirements you put between a reviewer and a review, the less reviews you get.

    Also the majority won't know how to rate on that scale.

    It's not something for the ,org repo at this time.

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  3. crosenblum

    Then what would be better?

    Most of us don't constantly scour the repository to completely comprehend the difference between quality and not so good themes and plugins.

    So how can we possibly get a better idea of how good or bad a plugin or theme is?

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  4. There isn't one answer to "Is this a good plugin."

    There's "Is this well written code?" and "Is this secure code?" and "Is this updated/maintained?" and "Is the developer a known Good Guy" and ... it goes on and on. There's no one way to say "This is how you know."

    How did you know WordPress was a good CMS to use?

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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