Multiple languages blogging. A core solution?

  1. peefy


    The biggest ommission in wordpress is multilingual capability.

    Native multilingual is a must for any futureproof cms.

    With the already present multisite functionality in wordpress, it is just a matter of syncing the plugins/themes to have a solid multilingual cms, that is also backwards compatible.

    Please look into this

    Thank you !!

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  2. nmschaller


    Just reading through this topic:

    7(!) years users are requesting multilingual blogging, and now the status is "We're working on it."

    Thanks, Automattic, I know you're US based and English speaking, but you know, here in Europe, we are multilingual.

    I cite:

    What are the EU's official languages? There are currently 24: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish and Swedish.
    Multilingualism - EUROPA | European Union

    - or -

    Just over half of Europeans (54%) are able to hold a conversation in at
    least one additional language, a quarter (25%) are able to speak at least two
    additional languages and one in ten (10%) are conversant in at least three.
    Europeans and their languages - European Commission - Europa EU

    I second that both a multilingual plugin and maintaining several wordpress installations are undesirable solutions.

    It's time that multilingual posting moves into the wordpress core - with full support for pages, posts and custom post types.

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  3. Automattic isn't WordPress, but I understand the confusion.

    The issue is literally finding a sustainable solution and someone to write the code. It would be best to be someone who speaks multiple languages, as trusting the monolingual to this sort of thing seems a poor choice IMO.

    If you can find a developer, willing and able to spearhead the innovation, the community would love to have them!

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  4. ChrisFo


    Indeed when comparing to other mainstream CMS the lacking core-support for at least Multisite Multilingual websites is a main reason to be laughed at by most devs more into PHP/JS coding using other CMS: "WP has still no ML in the core? ... harharhar..."

    Posted: 1 year ago #

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