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  1. desinformado

    I have different blogs and I would like to have a plugin or wordpress feature that:

    Imagine that I am writing about X product, I have the information in English and Spanish and I would like to have it posted from within the same WordPress to both blog as a single post.

    It is a multiposting, I make the English version and post it in the English section, then I make the Spanish version and got it posted at the Spanish section.

    What I am doing is to have a subdirectory for each language and wordpress installed in both places, so they are totally different blogs when in reality they are the same blog but in different languages.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. ds19192

    Many ESL speakers and readers prefer both languages side-by-side to comprehend the meaning. Instead of a second site, post both Spanish and English in the same posting.

    See http://www.songdoibdcitytalk.com/blog/

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  3. theUg


    ds19192, this is not about ESL learners, it’s about multi-lingual blogs.

    * * *

    Right now I also have to run two separate blogs, while it would be nice to have built-in support, sort of like Drupal has. And I’m not talking about half-arsed WP-ML either.

    Drupal automatically adds URI identificator (/es/, for instance) and attaches multiple-language nodes of the same article.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  4. desinformado

    Something extra to this multilingual post could be a flag identifier at the begining of the title, it can be done using a small css, but if choose to post in spanish, russian or other language, then WordPress assigns the correct flag, but if you have a multilingual blog, wordpress must let users choose what language to read. If you choose spanish and the post has an english version, you can change to english anytime....

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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