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  1. yokser


    I have an idea for wordpress.org create a Java or Symbian applications for blogging via mobile phones.posting, settings, and view the latest comments would be much easier.

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  2. baobabko

    Track post, page, category and homepage views. Build usage statistics, display usage graphs, top pages, posts, categories.

    bb-usage-stats collects information about page, post, category and homepage views. Builds daily and monthly usage statistics.

    To preserve database storage space, old usage information is purged from the database.

    Graphical display of the daily usage statistics. Additional bar-graph chart that displays top 15 pages, posts and categories.

    Adds dasboard widget that displays daily usage statistics chart and top 15 pages, post and categories.

    The bb-usage-stats plugin installation follows the standard WordPress plugin installation procedure.

    1. Upload the content of the plugin archive to to the /wp-content/plugins/bb-usage-stats directory.
    2. Activate the bb:Usage Stats plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress administrative interface.

    When activated, the plugin automatically creates necessary database tables and adds a dashboard widget for usage statistics chart.

    This section doesn't contain any questions yet. Please ask your questions.

    1. bb-usage-stats screenshot 1

      Sample daily usage chart.

    2. bb-usage-stats screenshot 2

      Sample "Top 15" bar-graph chart.

    3. bb-usage-stats screenshot 3

      Thumbnail view for the full statistics display.

    4. bb-usage-stats screenshot 4

      Full statistics display.


    • Fix: activation hook doesn't create track table.


    • Dashboard widget with summary chart and Top 15 bar-graph chart
    • Display Top 15 Bar-graph chart
    • Display summary statistics graph chart
    • Administrative page
    • Track home page views
    • Track category views
    • Track post views
    • Track page views
    • Initial plugin release.


    • Make wp-cache compatible
    • Exclude robots
    • Performance optimization
    • Configuration form
      • Enable/Disable dashboard widget (currently possible through dashboard settings).
      • Top N
    • Browse daily statistics by month
    • Create translation catalog.
    • Exclude (configurable) repeatable views
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