1. sjannaa

    Hey. i SO want to make a MMS blog, but i dont know how.
    I think the MMS blog is a great way to send pictures to your blog.

    Think if you are in London, or china without any computer.
    but relaaax, you can take photos with your cellphone and send it to your wordpress blog. !!!! :D so, your friends, family and others can STILL see and read a updated blog when you are away....!!
    This meens still writing a normal blog, but also have the MMS application.

    i know that blogspot ect have a MMS blog, but the design is terrible. wordpress is best, so i think wordpress should have a MMS blog.

    Not for free ofcourse, but maybe you could pay a prize for 1 mnd, 6 mnd, year ect. i think thats a great idea.
    (or, does the application exist?)

    who`s with me ?

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. Justin Shreve

    There are many wordpress applications available for various phones. you can setup blog by email and txt that email address.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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