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    It is really frustrating to learn that administration screens for some public page templates are missing.

    Some Missing screens: custom post type archive, search results page, 404 page.

    There are a lot of advantages of adding missing screens, at least for theme developers. We could add template specific settings (custom fields, meta boxes) and merge permalink structure with an actual page template.

    It wouldn't require much core code change, just add extra options to Settings > Reading, where user could select which page is 404, which one is Search results and which of the custom post type pages is an archive page (if public).

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  2. This is something your theme can do (and many do).

    Posted: 6 years ago #
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    I know, but wouldn't it be better if this was added to core, so permalinks and each template settings would be controlled by user and not only by theme/plugin developers? One step further from my previous concept:

    Pages would have select options: 'Set as search results page', 'Set as front page', 'Set as Posts page', 'Set as post type archive'. Now, it is really confusing and I have to explain each user that there are Reading Settings, where they can set up static front page and posts page.

    It's a really simple usability improvement. If this option was also filterable, developers could add their own plugin templates to select box. WooCommerce example: 'Set as shop page' would be available on pages. bbPress example: 'Set as forums page' would be available on pages - btw, editing forums index page title and permalink is really confusing for non-developers.

    Problems solved with this concept:

    - Page and custom post type permalinks could not overlap.
    - More intuitive and easier to understand.
    - Added ability to control post type archive title and permalinks.
    - Added ability to add settings to missing template screens.
    - Non-english websites probably don't want english archive permalink structure set by the theme/plugin developer.

    In my opinion, this idea is really straightforward, it adds no drawbacks to anything and only makes working with WordPress a lot easier. I know that we, theme/plugin developers can add our own ways of controlling these templates at the moment, but why not make it easier for us and end users?

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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