Missed Schedule Post Retry

  1. kellyaz

    I agree with Mattgates, that the scheduled post feature should be able to clean up after itself without a plugin.

    Since it knows the schedule was missed, logically it should be able to react and attempt some cleanup. Maybe not posting ALL missed posts, but posting X missed posts if there is a worry about load. At least there would be SOME fresh content continuing to be posted even if it lagged behind. That's better than a complete fail.

    So if this can be fixed with a 3rd party plugin, why can't it be fixed in core?

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  2. We also have problems with the schedule posts, and we use the misse schedule, the delay are around 10 minuts.
    But now we have another problem, all the posts that we schedule missed the entrance in social networks, like FB ou twitter, but only the schedule posts. Any one else with the same problem?
    Who know how to fixit?



    Posted: 2 years ago #
  3. webmarka


    Just got this error about a planned post "Missed Schedule" and I have to tell you I'm upset. Why a CMS could'n publish a planned post?? 24h later, my website have hundreds of visitor by day, so the WP-CRON task should have been triggered many times. This is definitely something to enhance in WP!

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  4. maxgx

    i really do not grasp the reasoning behind all of it...

    ok, wp-cron is not reliable, because it works only when triggered by site traffic. ok, you'd better disable it and set a cron job.

    little problem: i'm on shared hosting, i'm only allowed 1 cron job (spent on getting wp-con working... what if i needed it for something else? tough s..t!) and i can only set to 30min at the minimum (so no chance of triggers every 5-10 mins).

    "get a better hosting": i hear you, and i might, but what if someone else cannot? tough s..t to that too? doesn't sound that great a reply to me...

    what's really upsetting is to realise WP does know about it ON THE SPOT! meaning: i set the post to go live at, say, 7pm; i check on it at 7pm+10seconds, sure enough WP has already marked it with the error message... uh???
    so WP knows it's programmed, knows it's just missed the deadline, but does nothing, apart from telling me it missed it... isn't that a bit of a joke?

    i had to use "Missed Schedule WordPress Plugin Fix" (https://wordpress.org/plugins/missed-schedule-wordpress-plugin-fix/) - for some reason it does not come up in "search plugin" in WP admin (maybe because it hasn't been updated for too long? but then why is it still in the repo?), so i had to download it as a zip and upload in WP admin.

    it does not publish my post at the programmed schedule, but within some 10 minutes from it. that's good enough for my current need, but sorry WP, you've turned me into a spoiled brat, i'm now used to "good, sound, robust" WP solutions, "good enough" is not... enough for me anymore.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  5. Jory Hogeveen


    Wow, what a frustration for something you've easily fixed with that plugin.

    This was a simple idea/bug report, no major priority or anything.

    If it realy bothers you so much then I'd say head over to WP core and fix it, give something back to the WP community ;-).

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  6. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    Plugins that are over two years without updates are excluded from searches. In order to be re included, they just need to update their readmes to say they're compatible with the latest WP. Can't make 'em do it, but we do try.

    Sadly it's not something 'easy' to fix. The plugin you've found out has a delay, and thats really the ultimate pain point. It's hard to have a PHP app schedule things without running into server issues :(

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  7. maxgx

    many thanks @Ipstenu for shedding light on the searching of old plugins issue.

    having read further on the cron issue, i do realise now it's not going to get a universal solution.

    i do think though that users could at least be given a choice to have WP retry the task of publishing missed programmed jobs.


    @Jory Hogeveen
    i'm really sorry for having hurt your feelings! i didn't mean to shout out any deep frustration with my post, nor i was after any major priority.

    it wasn't easy to fix (took a lot of reading up and testing) and i don't think it's an optimal solution yet. i just thought it was good to share my experience with others, do you think i'd better keep them to myself next time?

    also thanks for the "give something back" tip, though i must say it's exactly what i've been trying to do so far whenever i feel i can sensibly contribute to the "cause". fixing core things, unfortunately, is out of my reach.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  8. Jory Hogeveen



    i'm really sorry for having hurt your feelings!

    Hahaha no worries ;-)

    do you think i'd better keep them to myself next time?

    Definitely not! I just got the impression that you was frustrated and wanted to "shout out". That is not very helpfull when the issue is already known. Anyhow, my bad!

    I wanted to get back to you on the cron job part since I never did (sorry).
    Adding ?doing_wp_cron doesn't help. I'll continue my search when I have the time and report back here.
    One thing that could be the problem is that WP will update the post as failed if a user visited the site after the scheduled date but before the cronjob.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  9. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    One thing that could be the problem is that WP will update the post as failed if a user visited the site after the scheduled date but before the cronjob.

    That shouldn't happen since you disabled WP cron (which is what checks to do that). Is something else forcing cron to happen, I wonder...

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  10. singha-cz

    Hi all, still having the same issue on my client's woocommerce website today, a year after.

    @Ipstenu From the top of my head: Caching or/and Back-up plugins could be the ones forcing cron to happen?

    I must say I'm getting desperate as I run out of solutions.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated.

    Posted: 4 months ago #

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