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    I know this idea has been met with a certain degree of scorn in the past, but I'd *love* if posts supported menu_order the way pages and other hierarchical post types do. Using WordPress as a CMS, I often wish I could order posts arbitrarily (or according to criteria queries don't understand, like which featured images look nice next to each other). This is particularly true in category archives. Pages can't be sorted by category, and don't show up in RSS feeds, and thus aren't a good alternative to posts. Changing dates or custom fields to re-order posts is really absurdly time-consuming and user-unfriendly.

    Further, I'd do a Snoopy dance if the menu_order could be set via drag-and-drop (like widgets are ordered).

    And while I understand that there are plugins that offer this functionality, in my experience they tend to be a bit wonky. Also, they tend not to be maintained for very long, and the order of one's post doesn't seem like something that should fall victim to WordPress upgrades.

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