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  1. WeDesIn

    Hello community,

    I just had a thought that would make my live much simpler. I am WordPress developer and me and my colleagues spend quite a lot of time in the media folder. The problem there is that it is not possible to copy the urls for smaller image sizes from the media folder.

    Any chance that all of these fields for all the sizes could be added in the future?

    Because we quite often get high resolution images, but not all of us are developers and it is simpler for them to resize the images rather than uploading it full size and copying the proper smaller size like "thumbnail" or "medium".

    Thank you,


    Posted: 3 years ago #
  2. When you insert an image into a post or page, you already have to option to pick what size of image gets added.

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  3. WeDesIn

    yes, but quite often we build pages where you do not use wordpress editor. And for those cases we have a problem to find the image size.

    So you have to go to editor, paste the image with proper size and copy the image url.

    Although I understand that if it is just us in this case, it would be more worth building plugin for this rather than putting it natively into WordPress.

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  4. yes, but quite often we build pages where you do not use wordpress editor

    What do you use? Frankly this sounds like you're using the wrong tool for the job.

    If you're making a theme, you wouldn't be uploading the images into the media uploader. If you're writing content, the content editor should be intelligent enough to use WP.

    Have you seen Calypso?


    Posted: 3 years ago #

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