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    Add hierarchy (folder tree) to media library.
    Because every blog needs a Media Manager, not a Media Library :)

    - Managing images between posts is slow and resource wasteful with existing tools (have to browse through pages for each).
    - Managing lots of images between posts is so inefficient it is unpractical to use WordPress even if there is be no other reason.
    - No ftp batch upload for already structured images.
    - Lots of blogs use lots of images :)

    - Add folder tree to media library.
    - Add "Scan Folder" button, that will import structure changes of current folder and register new media files into existing abstraction layer.

    Why it should be there in WordPress:
    - A good portion of WordPress users and potential users are not newbies and mentioned functionality is a lacking feature of considerable importance to most of them.
    - A good portion of newbies are smart enough to see absence of this feature as lack of functionality.
    - No newbie will be harmed as there should be no additional user complications.
    - Existing media abstraction layer can be kept.

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