Marking words in a post as "to be written about"

  1. Jon Griffith

    Microsoft Sharepoint Wiki allows you to put brackets around a word to create a hyperlink to a future document that has not yet been written.

    When I'm writing a page or a post, many times I'll hit a word that I need to expound upon, yet I don't have the time to divert my attention without getting totally lost, nor do I have the ability to remember what I may have thought about writing when I wrote that original word.

    For instance, if I wrote, "I have big teeth and like to hunt for dinosaurs," I might want to write another article about dinosaurs and attach a few quick notes to the word dinosaurs.

    I would, as the author, be the only one to know that the word dinosaurs needs further writing because my blog would underline the word with a dotted line. If I was logged into the blog admin and I clicked on the word dinosaurs, it would begin a new document (either a post or a page, depending on my mood) and I could pickup where I left off.

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  2. sweetdeal


    It's a very nice idea, but I think this is something that should be integrated as a plugin as opposed to core b/c (and I could be wrong) the appeal may not be that great to average bloggers; as a writer/journalist, though, it would definitely be nice to have.

    Posted: 12 years ago #

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