Idea: Sidebar comment bubble go to Pending screen

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    When in the /wp-admin, and there is a comment moderation queue, the little icon next to the "Comments" tab should be clickeable and take you directly to the "awaiting moderation" page, this would save us the step of going through comments -> awaiting moderation

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  2. Jen
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    I think we originally planned for the bubble to lead to the Pending screen in 2.7, but there was a technical reason for the bubble not going there... too many click targets in too small a space with all the jQuery we had. I think for most people, the newest comments are the ones that haven't been moderated yet, so defaulting to the All Comments screen means the newest/unmoderated comments are generally near the top. If you have a different scenario and the extra click is bothersome, seems like a simple plugin would do the trick?

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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