Make Gallery using thickbox popup

  1. dkruyt

    Now in WP 2.5 Gallery and thickbox is included, why not let gallery use thickbox? All the components are already include in WP2.5, so with minimal coding, this could be easy added. I am building at the moment a plugin for it. But it would be nice if it works out of the box.

    The shortcode could be something like this:

    [gallery thickbox=yes]

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  2. Justin Tadlock

    I've already got a plugin that let's you use Thickbox with the gallery. Also, it gives us nice, clean XHTML:

    Cleaner Gallery Plugin

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  3. BenoƮt Catherineau


    Integrate it in the core will be a good idea.

    With choice to activate it or not if we don't want to use it...

    Posted: 11 years ago #

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