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    I have an idea to build a function called a LiveDeal. Here user needs to buy a product within time frame.

    Core function of the idea is to count numbers of bookings, compare it with discount price table and display a live current price at product page.

    Product page details

    Display a base price and booking amount.
    Product description.
    Display time left for deal.
    Display current bookings quantities and price with discount percentage. Make sure it will compare the value with discount price table and updates as per the number bookings increase.

    Display discount price table.

    Discount price table will display a discount rule like booking between 1 to 10 price is 95. Then second rule is like bookings between 11 to 20 current prices would be 85. Then third rule is like bookings between 21 to 30 now current price would be 75.

    Need to generate two types of invoice. One for booking payment and another for final invoice which set to decide with the difference between current prices of deal on close time and paid booking payments
    Please email me if any one want to see it excel sheet.

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