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    And otherwise more integrated into posting.

    I want my list of bookmarks to be treated more like bibliographical or media items.

    Say i am writing a post and have a particular link to post. the "add link" dialog should show me a list of all of my links/bookmarks and I can filter them by categories and select one already there (including an automatically generated list of posts I've made on my site). If i make a new link, it automatically gets put into my list of links.

    Lists of which links are in what posts can be automatically made as well. The link could be tagged with this information, as well as the categories of the post it has just been put into.

    I should also not have to put in my categories for links and posts separately. WP should keep track of which categories belong to links only, posts only, and which are in both.

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    More to add:
    The plugin 'Insights' is close to this.

    I made a modification to it which i will give to the author, that lets me search for my bookmark links as well as posts, and insert them into my current post.

    Now I wish for it to be more integrated - so that my bookmarks become like a repository of links, and if the link becomes outdated I can change it in the one spot and it is updated throughout my website.

    Further, bookmarks should have a 'master URL' for the main website, and as many 'sub-URLs' as wanted for links to material within that website.

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    Yet more:
    RB Internal Links does a good job at making my post linking internal.

    A great start will be to combine Insights with RB Internal Links, and include links with both plugins.

    The most important thing is making links easier to manage and keep from going bad. Beyond that it is nice to be able to manage all of my personal bookmarks in some fashion.

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    Any takers on this? We can develop this together! post here or email me!

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