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    For blogs who make extensive use of the links / blog roll section, (for example, we have 16 categories and more than 100 links per category -- essentially giving us a directory for our niche). However, one of the problems we have found is that WP does not have any included method of checking to see if any links are bad (302, 404, 500 errors, etc).

    It'd be nice to see a way to not only check the links, but have a report showing any links that, when checked, have error codes (and indicate the code encountered).

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  2. Inactive

    You can also use this:


    Posted: 11 years ago #
  3. Rongo


    Yes. But this also shifts responsibility of error checking to a third party to manage an aspect of WP that is included by default, ie., the blogroll.

    Further, the W3C tool is simply a remote report. It does provide an inline report allowing the blog owner to select and delete / suspend any bad links from the "error exception report".

    I'm looking for complete inline management of my blogroll, not just the ability to add links.

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