Lets NOT Be Outdone by Chyrp.

  1. jimisaacs

    But I have to say for those of you who don't know what Chyrp is, I suggest finding out elsewhere, because being an avid WordPress user, I don't want to add too many users to their community through here.

    Anyway the point of this post is that YES, there are some very good things about Chyrp, and my personal favorite is their "Extend" administration tab. Taking from the way the WordPress site organizes things with Themes and Plugins in the same tab.

    Within the Chyrp admin backend, there are simply 4 main tabs, "Write | Manage
    | Settings | Extend". With the "Extend" there are 3 subtabs, "Modules | Feathers | Themes". Modules are basically mirrors of WP "Plugins", and "Themes" are the same. But as for "Feathers", this is the main concept I want to point out. "Feathers" are kind of top tier Plugins, or a lower tier to "Shortcodes" for that matter. Here is an example of a feather: "<!--page-->", even the "<!--more-->" tag is considered a feather. This is a great way to offer control on formatting on an even lower level than ShortCodes.

    Now, what is great about WordPress, is that it supports these kinds of tags already, and ShortCodes! I think it just needs to take a little lesson from Chyrp as to allow better control over these things, and advertise the functionality a little better. Essentially if WordPress was Chyrp then the "<!--more-->" tag would be a feather, and ShortCode support would be another feather.

    Another great thing in Chyrp is a conflict/dependancy monitor for its Modules that is priceless, and there are two alerts that come with it. "Conflicting modules", and "Unmet dependency". These are talking about how Modules play together, which I don't think I need to go into why this is a great feature.

    Everyone loves the fact that Chyrp is so lightweight, which is another lesson. WordPress doesn't have to be as bloated as it is. Most of what is included, and core functionality would be easily turned into Plugins. Administrators should have the options to turn certain functionalities off through disabling a plugin rather than some "Miscellaneous" tab in the Admin settings. That is a great lesson, "If an option doesn't have anywhere to live in the settings, it is not imperative to the core and can most likely be a plugin". This is where I will end by simply by saying, you can keep all WordPress's glory in tact, but compartmentalize better by making use of the existing plugin system, and maybe in the future, change the system by having different levels of plugins. Maybe something like: "Plugins --- Core | Extending | Formatting"

    So anyway, I am not plugging here, but taking lessons from the competition are how things grow right?

    I want to see the features I see in Chyrp in the next major version of WordPress, the features that are so well done that they are making Chyrp a big competitor for opensource blogging.

    The more developers WordPress can get on it's side, the more contributors it's community will have to make it better with every release? Let's not lose our best contributors to the European offshoot, No offense ;) ... Lets just take a lesson in functionality before we go all hog-wild over user interface. WordPress, is already bigger and better, but definitely more messy, and maybe that will eventually if not already attract equally messy contributors.

    I am an interface designer, and I know it is important, but I also know that it comes AFTER organization, and after functionality.

    Let's not think about what would make LESS clicks before we think about what would make MORE sense!

    Thank you.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. Jen
    Community Organizer

    Closing this thread because there have been no comments, and it's not specific enough. Don't create an Ideas post titled, "let's not be outdone by chyrp," give a specific suggestion that people can vote yes/no on, like, "add user-controlled options to 'more' tag." Feel free to post additional ideas, just make sure you don't lump multiple ideas into one thread, and make sure that each thread is about a specific suggestion (and titled appropriately).

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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