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  1. PPRNNews

    I schedule MANY posts a day, and I don't know when - off the top of my head - the post is scheduled to go out.

    In the POSTS page, where it says schedule, can you put the time that I have the post scheduled for?

    WP already orders the posts by scheduled time - this just makes that time visible.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)
    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    You can do that already.

    Go to example.com//wp-admin/edit.php

    Click on Screen Options.

    Check date.

    Done :)

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  3. PPRNNews

    It's not there. It's not in the posts page or in the scheduled posts page. I can do a screen shot if you like - but perhaps it's an option that has to be checked off somewhere?
    In the excerpt view (which I normally don't use) it does show the scheduled time, but there is no "time" selection in screen options.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  4. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)
    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Oh... My bad! That's what I get for checking on my hacked up install!

    Hm. Time. That would be for a plugin, I think, though if you notice, the posts are all in reverse order, so the bottom scheduled post is the next one to go.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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