Latest "Stable" Branch for Worpress svn repo

  1. j.boren

    We develop on the latest stable version of WP (as of now 3.8.1). I use a script to build new dev sites that uses subversion externals to pull in wordpress and the core plugins we use. Every time wordpress updates the latest stable version, I have to go in and edit the external to /tags/(latest ver #). It would be super handy to have a /stable branch that always had the latest stable version, so I didn't have to edit the externals every time WP updates. So for example, right now /tags/3.8.1 and /stable would have the exact same content.

    The plugins and themes repos have the same issue, there is already a suggestion for it:

    I understand I'm asking you to alter your repo to fit my workflow :) but it seems like this would be a very useful feature for other folks too, and REALLY simplify tracking the latest stable branch.


    Posted: 5 years ago #

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