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    It's reasonable that blog software should display blog posts on the main page. Seems to me that it would be easy (for experienced plug-in developers) to allow the creation of different kinds of posts that are targeted for other pages. I guess that there are already other kinds of posts (photos, etc.) but these are hard. Softer would be a declaration of arbitrary kinds of posts, each with different attributes (metadata), display order, etc. This came to me when I wanted to create a page of great quotations but I don't want to manage the page by hand. Post types could be placed in the site menu (like pages are listed) and then ordinary folks could post and organize any kind of material without a lot of fuss. WordPress would become a more general-purpose CMS this way without changing its basic nature.

    Now tell me this has already been implemented.

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    Custom post types and custom taxonomies have already been implemented. You need to either register support in your theme or use a plugin to do so.

    Post formats, allowing for different display style has been implemented in 3.1, which is in late beta and will be released within the next couple of weeks.

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