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  1. ray

    Users Search, Ask & Read questions. Admins Create and Answer questions. Admins gets notified when a question is asked & Users get notified of

    You create the questions or let your users ask the questions or both. You decide.... Search, Read and Answer questions from your users and get notified by email when a new question is asked. When you answer a question the user gets email notification of the answer. View everything on one page or post using our tabbed interface or add different sections to each page or post using easy shortcodes. Now uses the rich text editor to answer questions for those with permission to use it. By [twentyfiveautumn.com] (http://twentyfiveautumn.com) and released under the [MIT license] (http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT).

    Requires WordPress 3.2 and PHP 5

    1. backup, backup, backup
    2. Go to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Search for the term tffaq. click Install Now . OR Download and extract the plugin contents to the /wp-content/plugins/tf-faq/ directory
    3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    4. Go to FAQs > Options in your Dashboard and set the email address that you wish to receive notifications at.
    5. Add shortcodes to your pages and posts and you're ready to go!

    This is the Frequently Asked Questions plugin. Please visit us at: [twentyfiveautumn.com] (http://twentyfiveautumn.com/our-wordpress-plugins/tf-faq/faq/) to ask, search or view previously asked questions. thanks.

    1. tf-faq screenshot 1

      The tf-fab tabbed frontend...

    2. tf-faq screenshot 2

      Answering questions with the rich text editor...

    1. just in time javascript is now 100% implemented..., only loads where it's needed and when it's needed
    2. The rich text editor has been added to answer questions for those who have permission to use it...
    3. search by category has been corrected and actually works
    4. sticky class added to the answers. The answers background is now the same as the sticky post of your template...
    5. A total of 71 revisions from the last version. You'll want to be sure to install this upgrade...

    please see http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/log/tf-faq/ for all the latest changes.

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  2. CouponNetwork

    Easily align relevant coupons with your individual blog posts based on content, providing consistent revenue opportunities with targeted and valuable

    Coupon Network has created the Related Coupons plugin to provide affiliates and bloggers with a new way to present valuable coupons to their audiences. Featuring the uniqueand valuabel offers only available from Coupon Network, this plugin matched the content of a blog post with the most relevant coupons. If you blog about breakfast, cereal coupons available from Coupon Network will be featured.

    Three coupons are presented at the end of each blog post-- delivered similarly to the "Related Articles" functionality. Each coupon will link to offers on CouponNetwork.com, and allow affiliates to generaterevenue from each individual link.

    Notes: When no affiliate or account ID is entered, the plugin does work-- just without attribution. Bloggers may install and utilize the plugin and opt out of functionality in individual posts.

    1. Upload related-coupons.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Adjust settings under "Settings"


    About Coupon Network

    Coupon Network, powered by Catalina Marketing, is where sophisticated busy moms and dads go to save money and improve their family's quality of life - with the most value and the most brands.

    Coupon Network offers savings and coupons that you will not find anywhere else. The coupon savings available to you on Coupon Network are Printable Coupons, YourBucks Offers and digital coupons you can add directly to your savings card (coming soon).

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