Including AngularJS into WordPress scripts folder

  1. webvitalii


    AngularJS is very popular framework and it is even more popular than Backbone.js.

    WordPress added Backbone.js to scripts folder.

    I think it would useful for developers to have AngularJS inside of the WordPress scripts folder too.

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  2. bobmatnyc

    Provides a [show-aposts] shortcode for displaying posts or pages within a post or page using the get_posts() function.

    Provides a [show-aposts] shortcodes for displaying posts or pages using the get_posts function. The shortcode accepts most parameters that you can pass to the get_posts() function. To show posts or pages, add [show-aposts category="NN"] in the page or post body.


    Show posts with a category NN

    [show-aposts category="NN"]

    Please Note

    The default values are the same as for the get_posts().

    1. Download and unzip the most recent version of this plugin
    2. Upload the show-menu-shortcode folder to /path-to-wordpress/wp-content/plugins/
    3. Login to your WP Admin panel, click Plugins, and activate "Show Aposts Shortcode"


    • First release.
    Posted: 5 years ago #

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