Improved registration flow and streamlined user control panel

  1. Xander

    I would like to see WP registration themed and integrated into the regular look of my site, as well as greater control over a simplified user control panel. Currently I have no interest in letting anyone register simply because I have very little control over the user experience once they go behind-the-scenes. This is not optimal by any means--consider, for example, all the users unfamiliar with the purpose of most functions found in the back-end. There should be some kind of "basic subscriber" class of user where they can monitor the comments they have submitted and adjust their profile details in a simple fashion. Currently it would require a lot of hacking around to get anything like that in place. WordPress needs better user functionality all the way from registration to the backend user experience.

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  2. nstead


    The Role Manager plugin (http://www.im-web-gefunden.de/) provides the means to define new roles with reduced capabilities, but I agree that one of the things missing from WordPress currently is the facility for users to view a list of just their own comments.

    It would also be useful if comments were given separate capabilities - e.g. "Edit comments", "Edit others comments", "Moderate comments", etc.

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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