Improve "Press This !" bookmarklet

  1. grosbouff


    I love the "Press This !" bookmarklet, but at those times of Pinterest-like websites, it should be improved. And it could :)

    1. Should capture html, not text only (so we can get images, links and styles (italic, bold) when capturing a portion of text.
    2. Should allow to download the medias selected : I love to "Press This !" to save an article or images. But what if the original article disappear ? I will loose the medias captured since they are only referenced as links.
    3. The "Press This !" popup hould be a kind of wizard, working by steps; like on LoveIt.com or Springpad.com.
      1. What do you want to capture ?
        • Rich Text (includes medias and some styles)
        • Text Only
        • Videos (if no user selection but a single video URL like Youtube, or videos contained in the selection
        • Images (if no user selection but an "image" URL (image file URL, Pinterest URL, Flickr URL ...), or images contained in the selection
      2. Fetch attachments ?
      3. etc.
    4. Should set a post format by default if possible : capturing a single video / image should set the post format to "video" or "image" by default
    5. Improve hooks so plugins can act on all this
    Posted: 4 years ago #
  2. dylan

    I agree that the "press this" can be improved, especially in light of many of the other "post this" interfaces that have been invented in recent years. (examples of those include pinterest, facebook posting, and tumblr, to name a few).

    The key, I think, is to maintain a simplicity of experience for the user, but some more powerful functionality might help to support that. For example, on facebook, when you post a link, it tries to figure out what to add to your post by sussing out the og:image page title and meta description, to go along with your post about that page. For another example, pinterest, allows you to do "post this" down to the level of an image on the page you're looking at. And then there's the contested (for wordpress) notion exemplified by Tumblr that makes simple the question "what type of post would you like to make about this?"

    WordPress is able to do all of the things that all of these examples can do, and more, but never as simply, it seems.

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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