Improve Attachment Post Type to Improve Media Management

  1. Mark Root-Wiley


    = The Problem =
    Media are a crucial part of many, if not most, WordPress driven sites. However, the options for managing and displaying photos in WordPress are currently insufficient for two main reasons.

    == 1. CMS-like Management ==
    * A media library with more than 40 or so files becomes unwieldy with few options for sorting or browsing.
    * Although custom taxonomies can be added to the media library, they do not display the usual taxonomy UI, making their addition borderline useless because they're not user-friendly. (If WordPress wants to be a CMS, media management must improve.)

    == 2. Gallery Implementation ==
    * Images can only be attached to one post and, therefore, can only appear in one gallery, at least when using the [gallery] shortcode. Image attachment can't be changed without a plugin.

    = Ideas =
    1) Support the ability for developers to add Categories, Tags, and Custom Taxonomies as well as the normal taxonomy UIs to the attachment post type.
    * Consider enabling tags by default.
    2) Add attachment-{taxonomy}.php to the template hierarchy to allow for media archives and/or beautiful, WordPress-friendly, not-locked-in photo galleries.
    3) Add the "cat," "tag," or "{custom-taxonomy}" attribute to the [gallery] shortcode.

    = Rationale for Inclusion in Core: Failure to Solve via Plugins & Lock-in =
    Because there is no core way to organize images (which taxonomies are ideal for solving), gallery and slideshow plugins have to build custom solutions for _managing_ attachments (which has nothing to do with galleries). The custom management solutions are rarely portable, and so users are locked-in to their plugin choice.

    == The bottom line ==
    * If plugins are not building on the [gallery] shortcode, that implies a failure of the gallery shortcode, not the need for a plugin.
    * The [gallery] shortcode is insufficient primarily because WordPress does not support easily organizing and displaying photos independently of their post attachment.

    These changes would not remove the need for plugins, but they would allow media management and gallery plugins to live harmoniously, and would make WordPress a better CMS.

    = Related Ideas =
    This post includes similar ideas to the following other Ideas. I'm posting this as a new ideas due to its comprehensiveness (I hope) and argument for core inclusion.
    * http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic/2-essential-media-manager-improvements-directory-add-to-gallery-from-library
    * http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic/tagging-media-in-order-to-build-image-collections
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    * http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic/taxonomy-for-media-files

    Feedback encouraged.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Since WordPress 3.5 you can add taxonomies using:

    register_taxonomy( 'media-category', 'attachment', $args );

    Posted: 5 years ago #

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