Implement more of the HTTP standards

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    WordPress needs to implement more of the HTTP standards. We could start with Gzip and content length.

    I believe Gzip support was removed around 2.3-2.5, I have restored it with the help of a plugin - it definitely should be necessary to resort to using a plugin.

    Life on the 'Net becomes so much easier with the content-length header. Even on the WordPress site itself - we don't know how big the download is until it's downloaded. (The other day I was downloading a plugin and it got to 6MB before I stopped it.)

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  2. It's an old topic perhaps now but you can add GZip compression into the .htaccess file in your server if your webhost supports it. Not all servers support GZip and it does add both overhead to server and client computers when compressing and decompressing the data, respectively.

    Content-length headers would only be really useful where you have a lot of files you host that you offer users to download. Perhaps a hook/plugin combination can be used to add the content-length header to the data stream when the user clicks on a link to download a file?

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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