Image lightbox - for image library, stores your favourite images

  1. tommo77funk

    Not lightbox, like shadowbox, lightview, shutter reloaded, etc What I mean is a lightbox, like seen on image librarys where when viewing lots of images, you can select them to put in your lightbox, then you can view whenever you want the images that are your favourite. I guess works very similar to a shopping cart.

    Would be hard to name though, cos lightbox is already taken !

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. mikker


    I have searched for something similar. A function like this could be used for other things too. Like if there are several links on a frontpage i want to read, then I'll open them in different browserwindows, but it would be nice to click a button and it's added to a list of things. Preferably AJAX'ed, so it shows up straight away. And the list is cookiebased, so it follows the user.

    I've tried many shopping modules, but they don't really work for this and they don't use javascript.

    So maybe it should be called light-bin or click-bin or list-bin or user-bin or add-bin.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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