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  1. pinecreekimages

    I would like to see a plugin that I could install that would capture the IP address of anyone who right clicks and copies my images for tracking purposes.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. NPSites

    that is imposible you cant monitor them doing that
    the same way you can't monitor them opening their cache folder and copping out your images

    if you want to make life difficult for people there
    are 2 things that some sites like MSN and IMDB do
    you can disable right click in javascript
    or like IMDB useto do you can place a div on top of your image in a layer and put a transparent 1px gif or png image in it.

    The Div with a transparent image works like this when they right click on the photo they want to copy it is behind the transparent 1px image as they select save image they dont get your image they get the 1px div

    This will not stop them from taking a screen shot.

    what you might want to do if you run a popular site that has a lot of images is getting software that will

    place code in the header of the jpeg files with a copyright and a tracking ID

    This will let you search the web for people using your images


    get software that will insert a watermark on your images that is not detectable to most people

    Most Laser printers do this with a series of dots on the image in a code ... ... .. . ... .. It identifys your images and you can then sue the people reusing your images.

    However this is really useless today

    You should concentrate more on developing content
    and if you have photographers then use the watermark technology or jpeg headers as a last resort.

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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