Ideas to add more powerful flexibility to registration, user management/sorting

  1. mtguy8787


    There are many plugins which enhance registration options, but I have seen none which allow for users to be automatically sorted into different usergroups upon registration, based on custom criteria.

    The native settings currently allow for the all new registrants to be placed into a certain role, initially. My knowledge of PHP is beginner level, but it seems much of like this would be easy to do, since many of the basic functions already exist.


    For example:

    - If registration email contains user-defined criteria, then filter into certain user group automatically. Highly useful if you say, wanted to have a student usergroup for large numbers of students. Upon registering with an activation link from a .edu email, they are sorted as such. Numerous other applications apply

    Add a single field to registration form, which allows for any possible sorting profile based on an alphanumeric value entered in this field.

    - The option to turn a single field, lets call it "referral code", on during registration.

    - User then specifies rules for sorting new registrants into different user roles (would be incredible if this could hook up with the capabilities of plugins like

    to create a rule which says something like:

    - If referral code contains the string "AT2", then place into "X" usergroup, which has the ability to view content restricted (by currently existing plugins) to groups X,D,and R.


    Another way to add powerful functionality for sites which require a lot of automated user management and categorization would be to add a means of easily adding custom profile fields to user's profile. These fields could be hidden to public, or visible to public.

    This would then be combined with user defined rules which modify this information in user's profiles. For example:

    - If X radio button value was selected during registration, and Y checkmark was selected, then add a note saying "Z" to that user's profile, and make this note hidden to public, and the user.

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  2. Jen
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    Advanced permissions management is best suited to a plugin.

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