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  1. Muhammad Arslan Aslam

    This has been quiet a lot of time, fresh installation will throw a HTTP Error on media upload. But media get's uploaded anyways, we can use it later as well.

    But this gets disturbing for clients sometimes.
    Solutions available online on support forum here and other blogs don't work all the time.

    Is there anything wordpress going to do about it in next release or later?

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  2. This is actually a support issue, not an ideas, but I'll give you the low down before I close this.

    When that happens, it means WP can't properly process the image and resize it. That's actually PHP throwing an error that WP can't understand so it just says "Augh! HTTP Error!"

    Generally this is caused by one of the following:

    * Images too large (megabytes) - Try making sure the image is under 2 megs.
    * Images too large (dimensions) - If you're on shared hosting, make sure neither height nor width is greater than 3000px
    * tmp out of space - check how much available space you have on your tmp drive (ask your host for help if you don't know how)
    * uploading too many images at once - See tmp space above :) If you have 100 megs tmp space and upload 40 images of 2 megs, that's 80 megs. That means PHP has to resize images 3 times which means around 200 megs of space is really needed. Try uploading one image at a time and see if that works.
    * improperly installed image processing software on the server - check your PHP error logs for something hopefully useful (again, ask the host if you don't know how)

    Good luck!

    Posted: 3 years ago #

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