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  1. donottumbledry


    Call me daft here, but there has been a lot of talk about the URL rewriting that WordPress does behind the scenes for those of us that use friendly-URL's. As I understand it the rewriting is done using SQL queries and a fair old whack of PHP code to process and decipher the URL and translate it into a category or page or post or attachment etc.

    However, using rewrite rules inside a .htaccess file is a lot lot lot faster. Mostly because it's done using the Apache (or IIS for Windows servers) low-level engines rather than the higher level PHP, MySQL and ultimately WordPress applications and software. I know from experience that .htaccess rewrites are lightening fast and can handle huge amounts of conditional statements and URL options in a very short space of time, without adding any overhead to page load times or server resources.

    If WordPress were to generate a .htaccess rewrite rule set for the specified friendly-URL then there would be no need for expensive SQL queries to determine what the URL specified should relate to. The rewrites would reformat the incoming URL's into a single, predetermined order that the WordPress software does not need to do any more processing with, thus streamlining the whole process of retrieving a specified page/post/etc.

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  2. Techie

    Are you proposing to include a rewrite for every "old URL" to the "new URL" in the .htaccess? I think that would be the only way to do it without having PHP and mySQL lookups.

    I think that could be really slow for sites with thousands of posts. Are there any benchmarks for that many rewrites in an .htaccess?

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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