how about a wp_list_private_pages?

  1. roohit

    Plugin has been deprecated: please deactivate it and install the COOL Rooh.It Simplifier instead http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/roohit-plugin

    This plugin is being replaced with the EXCITING new Rooh.It Simplifier

    Makes Your Web-Site/Blog VERY Viral!

    1. No Signup needed by anyone.
    2. No Download needed by anyone.
    3. Absolutely FREE

    Please install the Rooh.It Simplifier now

    1. Upload the roohit-plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Deactivatae/delete the 'AutoTweet...' plugin
    3. Activate the Rooh.It Simplifier plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

    For your computer: Get a Highlighter. It auto-saves all your highlights across the web: see them all in one place - automatically!

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  2. Mirz

    Original emoticons created by Mirz (Michelle Lehmann)

    Basic Emote Pack by Scriptmonkeys - Created to replace the default WordPress smileys. This pack has been tested and may be used with the Smilies Themer plugin, however, it may also be used on its own. Full instructions for both in the readme.

    Original emoticons created by Mirz (Michelle Lehmann).


    Animated version available in separate pack - available soon.

    To view more of my work, please visit my portfolio at:


    There are two ways that these icons can be installed and used in WordPress. You can either replace the default WordPress icons, or you can use the "Smilies Themer" plugin.

    To replace the default WordPress icons:

    • Unpack this archive. It will create a directory named "scriptmonkeys-static".

    • On your server, find the directory where you installed WordPress. Under that directory, go to wp-includes/images/smilies.

    • Copy all of the "*.gif" files from scriptmonkeys-static to smilies. Notice that files with the same names will already be there.

    • The task is complete. You may not see the new images immediately if your browser has kept copies of the old images in its cache.

    To use the Smilies Themer plugin (requires WordPress 2.0.2 or later):

    • Unpack this archive. It will create a directory named "scriptmonkeys-static".

    • On WordPress, install and activate the Smilies Themer plugin, if you haven't already.

    • On your server, find the directory where you installed WordPress. Under that directory, go to wp-content/plugins/smilies-themer.

    • Copy the entire "scriptmonkeys-static" directory to the smilies-themer directory. In other words, when you are done, the directory structure will look like this: {Wordpress directory}/wp-content/plugins/smilies-themer/scriptmonkeys-static/{files}

    • From your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Settings - Smilies Themer. Under "Choose the default smilies theme", select "WP Basic Emotes by Scriptmonkeys" then click on "Update Options" to save. Make sure "Convert emoticions" is also checked.

    1. wordpress-basic-emoticon-pack screenshot 1

      This plugin replaces the default smileys that come with WordPress.


    • Original release.


    These graphics were designed for use in WordPress, but also represent a good basic emoticon set for use on forums, chats, websites, etc.

    Below are the terms of use and they apply to both use in WordPress and other usage:

    • These graphics may be used free of charge for personal, commercial and non-commercial use. For commercial use, a credit and link-back to http://scriptmonkeys.us is required. For non-commercial use, a credit and link-back is appreciated but optional.

    • The graphics in this pack may not be altered without permission. Do not claim them as your own.

    • These graphics may be used on commercial sites and included in commercial projects (i.e. website design, chat systems, etc). However, the pack or the individual images may not be sold on their own.

    • You may re-distribute this pack from your blog or website, but you must credit and link-back to http://scriptmonkeys.us .

    • For more information, see http://scriptmonkeys.us/monkeys/2010/05/08/graphics-pixel-font-use-license/ . If there is a question about usage that has not been covered here, please contact me at mirzjiles@aol.com. I am generally very flexible in my terms and will try my best to work with you.

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