How about a flowchart plugin for the dashboard?

  1. cgerald

    I'm new to WordPress, so if the idea is silly to coders please forgive me. One thing I'd like to see is a new tool for builders who are more used to WYSIWYGs, even though there are none of those that have this type of tool, is a flowchart function. Not just a flowchart but but a flowchart that can help with pagination, linking, and act as a visual aid for the placement of page templates and designs.

    Not all web builders are code mongers (endearing not mean), many are visually oriented and need a little help in visualizing the build out of their sites. If this flowchart could have the capability of being able to setup the site flow, which would come in handy when your site has a front page followed by registration pages in two different categories, then on to an index page. It could also be useful for the organization of database inputs. If the flowchart allows the builder to place the links and even small pics of each pages template so the number of links on each page can cleanly be addressed with a drag and drop link producer similar to relationships in one of the Microsoft Office programs.

    The site I'm working on is page heavy with about 30 pages before you even get to the homepage, it's a social site complete with favorites and everything.

    It just seems if there were a flowchart to look at and guide the build along things would be much easier. I'd build it myself but I'd need a flowchart function. If nobody takes this and runs with it, in the future when I'm wealthier I'll take care of it, but I might charge to use it. That was meant to be funny.

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  2. cgerald

    I have to add that there has to be understanding that the flowchart would be the backbone or skeleton of the website, which would in fact insert the html necessary to make the site look the way it is built.

    It seems as if it would be simple to do I just have limited knowledge, If anyone wants to take this on, my Email address is gk3225@hotmail.com add "flowchart" in the subject field, I will give you my phone number and we could talk more about this.

    Thank you

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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