'Headings' button in the HTML view

  1. skip405


    What I lack in the current HTML view is the ability to "wrap" some text in any of the h-tags. Being one of the most important SEMANTIC tags I really wonder they haven't included it into HTML-mode.

    To my mind it would be great to insert a button which would behave like other buttons on the HTML-view panel (b, i, li, lists, etc.) but for making the highlighted text a heading (with POSSIBLY a pop-up of choosing the 1-6 value).

    There are TWO ways of solving it now:

    1. Keep switching between the Visual mode to HTML, which is a terrible sollution :)
    2. Insert the h-tags manually, which is NOT the best way, especially on large pages of pasted text

    Even the ability to customize the HTML-view button panel would be good, or showing "extra" buttons like they did in the Visual view.

    If you know any other ways to get round it I would really appreciate it! :)

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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