Hashtags & Group Support in "Activity Stream"

  1. eshm


    It would be wonderful to be able to post #HashTags (like Twitter) that were linkable searches to "Activity Stream" posts.

    Also it would be ideal to have the feature like StatusNet that allows you to post to a group directly from the Activity Stream much like you have in the drop-down menu but with perhaps the exclamation point. So if you had a group called BuddyPress you could post to it from the "Activity Stream" like this:

    There is a #NewRelease of !BuddyPress today.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  2. Jen
    Community Organizer

    This forum is for suggestions to core WordPress, but your suggestion appears to be for BuddyPress. Please try the fourms over at buddypress.org.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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