guid manager - select absolute, or root-relative guids

  1. fritzthecat

    Maybe I just don't know how to use WP properly, but I run a local version on my machine and a live one on the server, and it is annoying how WP stores all the guids in the wp_posts table as absolute: http://dev.server/this/that

    There should be an option to select the link format behaviour - absolute [http://i.only.have.one.server/this/that], or root relative [/this/that].

    In fact I don't understand why guids are stored as absolute at all since the blog url is stored in the option table but that's another story.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. fritzthecat

    OK, having read this http://comox.textdrive.com/pipermail/wp-hackers/2006-October/008955.html
    turns out I WAS right - I just don't know how to use WP properly.

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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