Greater stability in TinyMCE HTML editor

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    There's nothing more frustrating than to be working in the HTML side of the TinyMCE editor, and all of a sudden it jumps back up to the top away from where you were placing the code. To add insult to injury, it also will graciously strip out code at random (html code, not javascript).

    There's a window expander for the visual side of the editor, but not the HTML side, so it would be nice if maybe there was a larger window to work with when handling projects that require hard coding.

    It would be even nicer if WordPress had an editor that had greater function and more stability than the TinyMCE editor, but I guess we're stuck with TinyMCE, and then having to load in a bazillion more plug-ins just to plug up the holes in this unstable program. WordPress, please help!!

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. 22carol

    What's really frustrating too is that you cannot "update" it because it's in the core. One suggestion was to replace a file in cPanel BUT there is no way to get uncorrupted replacements. The 'tiny' website has a whole bunch of stuff that does not lead to downloading a clean version. So here I am stuck.

    The problem is that I put html on the Text side which leads to a graphic. But then changing to the Visual side, only a small box placeholder shows. Sometimes. Of course, on the live site, those little boxes all appear also, really nice!

    Other graphics are fine, such as the "featured" on a post or anything from the Media section. But not with html coding. Totally broken.

    Have done all kinds of tests, Health Check, disbling all plugins, changing theme, problem persists.

    There needs to be a way to locate and replace the TinyMCE files when there is a problem.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  3. What's really frustrating too is that you cannot "update" it because it's in the core.

    You could, actually, via plugins.

    That said the TinyMCE editor is being phased back as the new block editor doesn't rely on it anymore.

    Posted: 1 year ago #

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