Full Workflow management for complex projects

  1. Jochen Damm

    Thousands of users use several plugins to add features of process or workflow management. I think that this features are obligated in core. As standardized solutiion simplyfies it the editorial workflows and minimises mistakes. Combined with Gutenberg Editor and Revision management excellent.

    Defining roles isn't enough. Defining roles, tasks and dependencies, assigning them to users or groups over several steps.

    Article written (author) > 1. review (editor) > as needed correction > 2. review (editor) > 3. review (admin) > publication
    Image upload > quality check > purpose > adequate resolution > check for specific article or text block > approval (or rejection)

    Including features:
    - Editorial Calendar
    - Editorial Comments
    - Defining Custom Statuses
    - Defining multiple workflow checklists with task routing definitions (dependencies)
    - Adding Metadata
    - Reassign tasks and assign a task to several users (user and its deputies)

    Simply based on the following plugins as examples:
    - PressForward,
    - Oasis Workflow,
    - Edit Flow,
    - PublishPress
    - Press Permit Core

    Posted: 1 year ago #

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