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    I would like to these features to be on the next wordpress or provide widgets.

    Front Page

    On the front page I want the ability to make it full view, or view included with header/sidebar. Full view doesn't have a sidebar nor a header. It could be a companies logo on the left, middle, right, bottom left etc. I should have the ability to customize the size of my front page and where I want to place my ads, blog feeds, tags, etc. Having ads, blogs on the front page can be good, so if for instance I want ads on the left I should be able to add a block, customize the size, border color and add the advert on it. The block size I want to be able to decide whether I add 2 blocks that will fill the whole page or have 7 blocks 6 square and 1 rectangle near the footer.

    Login/registration form

    I want the ability to show these on the front page or show a link which people can click and login or register.
    As I said on the front page I want it to be able to customize it. So if for instance if I want the login to be on left,middle,right,bottom left/right/middle, top left/middle/right I should be able to customize where I want it to be. On the registration form I want the ability to add more fields e.g. Country, age, date of birth etc and have the ability to show the registration form on the front page just like twitter/Facebook so as it could be easy for users and quick.


    I want the ability to change where the sidebar should show like for instance if I don't want a side bar on a news, groups, forum and front page it should have the ability to do so ,which will only show the header and the content only. This will help decide where I want things to appear.

    Please make these features compatible with buddypress.

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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