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  1. alexaclark


    I host all my images on Flickr for my blogs, which has served me well with the number of times I've had to move hosts and platforms.

    But I would like to be able to take advantage of WP's thumbnails and themes that display them with those Flickr images.

    It would be great if either WP let me point to a Flickr static image page and would create a thumbnail, OR would use Flickr pre-existing thumbnail sized image.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  2. Techie

    So maybe allow bloggers to use external URLs for thumbnails?

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  3. alexaclark


    The default these days seems to be for themes to assume WP (or a plug in) will auto-generate the thumbnails dynamically from an image used in the post.
    Adding the ability to do this from flickr, or as you point out, any external URL for the image would make it a lot easier for managing bloggers using a range of blogging interfaces to create posts - mobile, desktop publishing tool, "blog this" interfaces, etc..

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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