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    Overwrites files that already exist when uploading, instead of storing multiple copies with unique filenames.

    By default WordPress doesn't overwrite an existing file if you upload a new one with the same name and directory. Instead, it appends a number to the end of the filename in order to make it unique, e.g., filename1.jpg.

    That isn't always the desired behavior, so this plugin makes it so that any files uploaded will automatically overwrite existing files, rather than creating a second file with a unique name.

    UPDATE: This plugin no longer requires modifying WordPress Core. You can install it and it'll work automatically, without any other changes.

    For help installing this (or any other) WordPress plugin, please read the Managing Plugins article on the Codex.

    Once the plugin is installed and activated, it will start to work automatically.

    Why do I see multiple copies of the file in the Media Library

    WordPress allows files to have the same name if they're not in the same directory. So, wp-content/uploads/2013/11/pizza.jpg can live alongside wp-content/uploads/2013/12/pizza.jpg. This plugin only deletes existing files if they are in the same folder that the new file will be placed in.

    Can I make a donation to support the plugin?

    I do this as a way to give back to the WordPress community, so I don't want to take any donations, but if you'd like to give something I'd encourage you to make a microloan with Kiva.

    Do you support this plugin?

    I'm happy to fix reproducable bugs, but I don't have time to help you customize the plugin to fit your specific needs.

    1.1 (2013-12-14)

    • [NEW] Delete existing attachments before a new one is uploaded. This avoids the need to modify WordPress core files.
    • [UPDATE] General code cleanup and modernization
    • [UPDATE] Removed unnecessary debugging method, activation logic and admin notices support
    • [UPDATE] Moved requirements check into bootstrap script
    • [UPDATE] Moved overwrite-uploads.php into classes directory
    • [UPDATE] Fixed improperly capitalized overwriteUploads class name


    • Fixed bug where old Media Library entries weren't removed if the 'Organize my uploads into year and month folders' setting was enabled.
    • Setting removed because it's unnecessary. Plugin will overwrite uploads if activated, and won't if it isn't.


    • Added network-wide activation for WPMS blogs


    • Initial release
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