Fill 'Search' box with my highlighted text when linking to existing content.

  1. iOutshine

    When I want to link to an existing post of mine in a new post, I highlight the text that I want to make a text link out of, click the insert link icon, and then type relevant text into the search box to find the post I'm trying to link to and select it.

    However, like 95% of the time I do this, the text I've highlighted to turn into a link is the same relevant text I'm typing into the search box.

    It would be awesome (and save a step) if WordPress would automatically pre-populate the 'Search' box with the text I highlighted.

    Example: I want to create a text link to my post called My 5 Favorite WordPress SEO Plugins.

    In the article I'm editing, I've written a sentence: "This is a topic I've covered before in my article about SEO plugins."

    I'll then highlight 'SEO plugins' and click the insert link icon, at which point the 'link to existing content' search box should already have 'SEO plugins' in it which means the post I'm trying to link to will already appear in the search results for me to select.

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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