Explicit star ratting for WP ideas

  1. Ale Benson


    Everyone has a different criteria while rating things. Their own one. It should be better to have a common ground to vote.

    What does it mean when someone new to WP rate an idea with 5?
    How that compares with an advance designer/developer making a 5 star?
    The value of the 5 stars is the same for both?

    How many 1 star are needed for the idea to be consider for implementation? How many 5 stars?

    Now, rating an idea is like a vote for it. It should be better to have 50% system, I vote or I don't.

    Or to still have a 5 stars system I propose something like this:
    1 star : I like it, but I can live without it
    2 stars: Good idea for a plugin
    3 stars: It will be very helpful
    4 stars: This must be a core feature
    5 stars: The whole community benefits from this

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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    This is not a core suggestion