Examples of uses; functions; plug-ins; and best practices

  1. booksXYZ

    I head a nonprofit that works with education, and our webmasters are starting to implement WordPress blogs for teachers in our area for various uses. This is GREAT stuff.

    But the teachers are confused about all the options, and this website offers a dearth of examples.

    1) How many uses are there for WP? Can you give me a list of at least some uses?

    2) All of the explanations of the various features are confusing... a picture is worth a thousand words. Could you supply examples/screen shots?

    3) The plug-ins are dizzying and giddying. But I can't make heads or tails out of most of them. Examples???

    4) For ALL of the above, could you link to blogs that do these things well? I know that opens up a mess, but it's a mess that needs to be addressed. I think if the world could better see what all these things can do, the use will increase.

    Your editors can pick examples of best practices, or let the users vote; list any blog that wants to be listed in any example, then rank them by visitors' votes.


    But please, please, let us see what you're talking about.

    PS Did I say this was GREAT stuff?

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. dremeda
    Sucuri Wizard

    Have you looked at the WordPress.org Showcase?

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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