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  1. mibrahim74

    Search and add Clker.com clip art images to your posts.

    Clker.com plugin allows you to search for clip art images while you are writing your posts. It communicates with clker.com, runs the search and displays the clipart results for you.

    Every clip art image comes in three sizes. If you click on any of the search results the picture will be inserted into your rich text editor TinyMCE.

    The plugin is so easy to use and there is no work for you to do and no uploading images.

    Change log Ver 1.1 1. Added a disclaimer Ver 1.2 1. Fixed a bug with the tags of the search.php script. Used not to work on some FreeBSD installations. Ver 1.2.1 1. Moved the disclaimer to the bottom of the screen 2. Added a link to the bugs/features page 3. Added a link to rate the plugin at wordpress.org Ver 1.2.2 1. Fix a bug related to showing stock & raster photos. Ver 1.2.3 1. Fix a bug with SVN committing version 1.2.2

    • Unpack the zip file in your '/wp-conent/plugins/' directory.
    • Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
    • Go to write -> post, click on CTRL+R to force refresh of all files not from the cache
    • Have fun.

    Do I need to link to clker.com?

    No. A link would be appreciated but it is up to you.

    Can I use your images for commercial purposes

    The clip art images are believed to be in public domain. Users who directly shared their images dedicated it to public domain. Other pictures were collected by us from different internet resources that labelled them public domain. You can use them as you wish and as allowed by the laws of your state or country.

    Do I have to attribute you?


    Where can I request features or report bugs?

    The best place is my weblog at the plugin's page http://www.clker.com/blog . I do not make any promises with regards to adding features, or fixing bugs. It all depends on how much spare time I have, but I'll do my best to look into it.

    1. clkercom-clip-art screenshot 1

      A screenshot showing some search results.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  2. Carmine Olivo

    Shows informations about your posts shared on Facebook, with statistics and charts about the number of "like", comments and clicks received.

    Shows informations about posts of your blog shared on Facebook, with statistics and charts about the number of "like", comments and clicks received.

    For each post, are shown share count, like count, comment count, total count and click count. That are, respectively:

    • The number of times users have shared a post on Facebook
    • The number of times Facebook users have "Liked" the post
    • The number of comments users have made on the shared story
    • The total number of times the URL has been shared, liked, or commented on
    • The number of times users have clicked back to the Share page from Facebook

    The statistics of your posts are listed in a table with charts and filters.

    Comes with a primitive localization in all languages of WordPress.

    See the screenshot for a preview.

    XHTML compliant.

    Requires PHP 5.

    Install the plugin following the standard steps.


    1. Upload files to your plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/), preserving sub-directory structure
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

    Refer to this official plugin page for documentation, usage and tips. Follow the Facebook Share Statistics plugin forum!

    All informations are listed in a table accessible from your Dashboard.

    Update frequency

    Statistics should not update immediately.

    1. facebook-share-statistics screenshot 1

      Facebook Share Statistics admin page


    • Bug Fix: Call-time pass-by-reference


    • Removed non-GPL code


    • Minor edits and improvements


    • Bug Fix: New method to uninstall the plugin
    • Bug Fix: Display of posts titles for non-latin chars
    • Skipped the Homepage in the charts


    • Bug Fix: Column width in IE7
    • Feature: Display of titles instead of URLs


    • Feature: New option to show statistics at the specified user role
    • Big charts now only on lightbox
    • Minor edits and refactoring


    • Initial object oriented refactoring
    • Descriptions on table counts
    • Minor edits for XHTML compliant


    • Avoid charts without enough data
    • Minor edit (about slashes of internals URLs)
    • Finished lightbox style


    • Bug Fix: Fixed Total Chart display


    • New charts layout


    • Feature: Added jquery-lightbox for charts
    • The 0s are no longer added to the chart
    • URLs encoded according to standards


    • 'View all' and 'Sort' revised


    • Initial release
    Posted: 6 years ago #

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