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  1. Red Pixel Studios


    For larger websites, navigation menus can often become so large that it is difficult to work with them in the Appearance > Menus editor.

    In the menu editor, you have several different choices for items that you can insert into the menu. For example, you can insert "custom links", "pages", "categories", etc (pages being the most common). I propose that there be a new option to allow you to insert a reference to another menu. For example, if I create 2 menus: Menu A and Menu B, it would be nice if you could insert a reference to Menu B from anywhere inside Menu A.

    As wp_nav_menu() loops through each item in the menu to compile an unordered list to return, it should check if the item is a menu reference, and if so it should make a recursive call to itself to return the referenced menu in that location.

    If you have any questions or need further explanation, feel free to ask. Thanks!

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  2. rsteer


    I've wished it were possible to build up menus in a *modular* fashion, and it seems like this proposal would probably allow that. A modular approach would be particularly helpful when constructing "mega-menus" -- each block or chunk in the mega-menu could be a building-block menu that might appear in a couple of different contexts. Define it once, then re-use it in any custom menu where it's appropriate.

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  3. cellulitebekaempfen


    It's still not possible, right? I hope that someone sees this who has the power to code this into core. Till now we only have the option to show menu A or B, but not A with a link to B. Or did I misunderstood anything?

    Best regards

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  4. Marcel Oerlemans

    This is not yet a core function indeed, but the free plugin Navception does the job excellent and easy! I'm not a programmer but can work with this plugin. I use it for several websites with large menu's.


    Hope this helps you!

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  5. audiocheck

    Thank you Marcel, I use this plugin now and it works pretty well!
    Thank you so much!

    Posted: 3 months ago #

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