easy widgets in pages and posts for the stupid people

  1. debigirl

    This is not a new suggestion, but had to try. I'm a simple user but do not want to be a programmer.
    May us stupid users please have a simple widget insertion to our pages and posts without having to go to programming school?

    Thank you for listening.
    Debi Davis

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  2. Jen
    Community Organizer

    Do you mean you want the widgets to have WYSIWYG editors? Try installing the "TinyMCE Advanced" plugin.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  3. anmari

    Or use my plugin "shortcode any widget"

    Once plugin is activated, Drag chosen widgets to the new shortcodes sidebar, set up the widgets, if necessary, there.

    Then in a page or post type [do_widget widgetname].

    That's it

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  4. foodandwinediva


    Dear Programmers of WordPress and PHP:

    I agree with Debigirl,

    Please listen to writers and end users and not your perspective. Had her request been read correctly and thoroughly the point might not have been missed.

    Offering up techno babble responses that require too much tech savvy AND don't address the need are why many of us don't even bother with the forums.

    We who are not techie or who don't want to be programmers just want to be able to put widgets directly into our pages and posts without knowing about divs, programming, dealing with sidebars, php, etc.

    Must be the different sides of the brain thing.

    Here is an example. I have specific widgets for my travel page. I want to create a sub page that is just about about booking travel. I want to have a late flight widget on that page (not in the sidebar because the main travel page already has travel related widgets), a currency converter widget, and distance calculator widget. Why can't this just be inserted in the WYSWYG visual editor somewhere or somehow like YouTube embeds, etc.?

    I might want to write a post about traveling in Hungary and put their tourism dept's widget in the post. Same question.

    Please don't respond back with instructions like the ones above. I won't know how to find where to do it or understand what you're talking about.

    If a solution is more complicated than copying and pasting a widget into the sidebar, uploading an image, or creating a page, then assume we can't do it.

    This non techie but creative user thanks you.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  5. Andy Macaulay-Brook


    To experienced WordPress users and developers, "widget" very specifically means a WordPress Widget - an extension of WordPress code that can be placed within a WordPress theme's sidebars.

    It sounds like you mean JavaScript widgets created by the authors of other websites. The code for each of these is specific and so would need to be cut and pasted into your page or post from the original website distributing the widget.

    It's possible for someone to write a WordPress plugin that adds a button to the WYSIWYG editor that when clicked inserts, for example, the Hungarian Tourist Board's widget, but the people with the motivation for that are the Hungarian Tourist Board, not the WordPress community at large.

    If you have specific requirements or needs then there are many WordPress developers worldwide who would be happy to consider commissioned work.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  6. toddhalfpenny

    There are several plugins which can aid the addition of sidebars and/or widgets into post and pages through the use of simple shortcodes (@foodandwinediva if you don't know what these are but want help then I suggest YOU put some effort in and attempt some learning). The use of @anmari's plugin or mine (Widgets on Pages) is very straight-forward if you just spend a few minutes reading the instructions.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  7. Javier Oroná

    I actually think its a great idea!

    Great Idea!

    hope i see it implemented

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  8. webnewbie123456

    A way of adding a widget to a page would be good
    Inside the widget an RSS feed of a page of news
    Some of the above dont accept RSS

    Or is there a way of adding RSS to a page without using a widget?

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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