Easy upload of pictures/files.

  1. janarbek

    I want to upload and manage my files/images easily.

    Surely, current image uploading is not bad, but I think why don't we have something like http://www.ringo.com/?

    Sometimes, I want to upload my pictures quickly and easily.

    Another thing is that I took pictures with 5-7 Meg pixels which is large. Why don't wordpress has a tool for minimizing picture size while uploading? Think of uploading 100 pictures each 6 mega.

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  2. nasirjumani


    i support this idea!

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  3. adamt07

    Easily display a list of staff/faculty/team members. Supports staff categories as well. Good for churches, companies, schools, teams, etc.

    Staff Directory is deigned to help you easily display a list of staff/faculty/team members.


    • [staff-directory] shortcode with options for ordering, categories, etc.
    • Staff categories
    • Ability to create custom staff details fields, complete with auto-generating shortcodes for custom fields
    • 2 default templates for displaying staff
    • Support for multiple templates. You can choose a default as well as choose set a template for use with the [staff-directory] shortcode.


    Preferred - Submit pull requests to the Github repo. Tweet me - @adamtootle Or you can always submit support requests at wordpress.org support forums.

    Special thanks to those who have helped out at the Github repo:


    1. Upload the staff-directory directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. See the admin help page for usage instructions

    What happened to my categories after I updated to version 0.9?

    Staff categories are now managed using the internal WordPress category management system. This means that old staff category IDs could not be maintained during the import. The plugin has added support for showing the new category IDs in the Staff Categories table so you can easily get the new IDs in order to update existing shortcodes.

    1. staff-directory screenshot 1

      Create/view staff just like any other WordPress post/page

    2. staff-directory screenshot 2

      Edit staff just like any other WordPress post/page

    3. staff-directory screenshot 3

      Create custom staff categories

    4. staff-directory screenshot 4

      Set custom staff details and create custom templates


    • Fixed some bugs introduced in 1.1.0.


    • Adds support for single staff member pages.
    • Adds the ability to target staff in multiple categories using category slugs.


    • Adds support for meta_key sorting in the listing shortcode. e.g. [staff-directory cat=44 orderby=meta_value_num order=asc meta_key=order]
    • Changes the default sorting of the staff admin listing to be by name.
    • Fixes uninitialized variable PHP notice. Seen when error printing is on.


    • Added support for [category all=true] in the template tags to show a comma-separated list of all of a member's categories.
    • Added some documentation to the Help section to better explain proper use of the custom template support in the [staff-directory] shortcode.
    • Added a nice new admin menu icon thanks to @dryanmedia on Github.


    Official 1.0.0 release! After having not updated this plugin for nearly 5 years I picked it back up a few weeks ago. I had a few ideas in mind for features going forward and I believe the 1.0.0 release is ready. This is definitely not the end of development on this plugin. I still have some ideas for features that I'll continue to work on developing.

    Updates in the 1.0.0 release:

    • Fixed a bug in the new Staff Details Fields feature that caused the generated shortcodes to not work sometimes.
    • Added supoprt for multiple custom templates! You can now choose a default template or override the default per use of the [staff-directory] shortcode using the `template` option.
    • Added a new Staff Directory shortcode TinyMCE button so you can easily generate the [staff-directory] shortcode from the WordPress editor without having to know all of the available options.


    • Added the ability to create custom details fields for staff members. If you were using [email], [website], [phone], or [position] shortcodes before please take a look at the Staff settings page in this release for notes on how the shortcodes work with this new feature.
    • Added featured images and IDs to the Staff table.


    • Added an ID column to the staff categories table for easily getting the new IDs


    • Fixed a potential error with how the array of featured imgage data is accessed
    • Fixed how the template defaults to 'custom' on the frontend if the template option isn't set but the custom html option is


    • Added a couple of stock templates for anyone who may not want to use the custom template option
    • Fixed the issue where staff queries were limited to 10 results
    • Changed how the [photo] template tag was being replaced


    • Preventing blank links from showing for a staff member's email and website if a value isn't set


    • Fixed a couple of relative path issues in the old staff import tool


    • Fixed an error with the cat shortcode param


    • Added a website field and [website] template tags for staff members


    It's been nearly 5 years to the day since I last updated this. I still get emails about it so I decided I'd ship an update that uses much more current WordPress APIs.

    • Rewritten to use WordPress Custom Post Types
    • Added ability to import old staff members to new management system
    • Ordering is now much more flexible since it's using the WP_Query ordering param


    • Fixed staff directory tags rendering before content placed above it in a post
    • Added ordering parameters to shortcodes
    • Added template tag


    • Fixed mkdir() error
    • Fixed image issue when displaying a category


    • Added STAFF PHOTOS!!!
    • Added multiple deletes
    • Added filter view on main admin page
    • Added ordering by name and category on main admin page


    • Added templating system.
    • Added the ability to import existing WordPress users.
    • Added a default 'Uncategorized' category for new installs.


    • Enabled editor access to the plugin.


    • Removed a line of debug code.


    • Initial beta release.
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